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Almost 40 years on the market, Meverin innovates and launches 0% Standard, in high risk areas, the unprecedented firewall solution

Platinum “business leaders“, the magazine distributed with the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 ORE, dedicates an interview to the Meverin company.

magazine Platinum Il Sole 24 Ore

Magazine cover
Platinum “business leaders”,
November 2020

Safety is one of the primary perceived needs, today more than ever. However, long-sightedness should not be taken for granted, although knowing how to look ahead and foresee dangers is maybe the only true solution to the unexpected that may jeopardise the safety of people, property and buildings. A company that has made fire prevention its mission is fully aware of this, enabling it to obtain a niche position in the high value market. It is Meverin, a pure Italian company with its headquarters in Parma. Since 1983 it has operated within a single specialisation: customised fire partitioning. For the Maffei family, who run the company, fire prevention is a vocation. “We can say that in the metalworking sector we provide a tailored product – states Giovanni Maffei, the founder – What Meverin designs and manufactures can only be installed in that place and in that specific building”. A custom-made product, therefore, in spite of the high degree of automation of both the design and the production processes. “0% Standard”, registered brand, was created as a precise response to this need: to delimit and define not only an infinite product variability, but also establishing itself as a ground-breaking element capable of making the difference in the fire prevention market, setting itself apart from any other existing standard. Having understood the effects that the new European standard Uni En 16034 and Uni En 13241 would have on the market, its constant commitment to research has lead to the creation not only of important patented products but also of significant investments both in terms of production and in terms of simulating product parameter processes. All this has permitted the launch of the new generation of firewalls with CE markings, tested in the most prestigious test laboratories in Italy and in Europe, even in the large sizes. Dedication and daily work, a ready vision undergoing constant revision, a great deal of research and obviously a very high final quality: these are the linchpins of Meverin’s commitment, with almost 40 years of experience and a widespread presence, through its own clients, with work in several museums, theatres, cinemas, stadia, shopping malls, hospitals, productive districts and complex structures in general, throughout Europe. Experience reinforced by a significant number of success stories that means the staff can promptly find the solutions as closely as possible aligned with the customer’s needs. “To achieve this result – explain Cristina and Antonella Maffei, representing the second generation in the company – we have decided to dedicate ourselves to the highest risk situations alone, to large size structures and to the most sensitive situations. Just consider the famous fire of Notre Dame de Paris, which could have been avoided if the partitioning had been professionally performed”. Thanks to this background Meverin is now capable of solving the most extreme and always different criticalities present in civil, industrial and public environments. Today, the plants are getting bigger and bigger with increasingly high concentrations of risk. There are also situations that require additional skills to identify and prevent hidden risks that can arise in a specific emergency but not in another place”. The fire often means destruction: thanks to automatic devices, the event can be “reduced”, or isolated to a single environment, with evident advantages on the most dramatic effects of the phenomenon. Designing and creating an uncompromising firewall system is, therefore, not merely a productive choice: it is a great responsibility and, therefore, also a question of ethics, despite it not being at all easy to get the message of the importance of safety and prevention through. “It is not a productive investment”: this is the main reluctance, because there does not seem to be an immediate return. On the other hand, it should be understood that “Investing in prevention – concludes the entrepreneur – actually means protecting the future of your own activity like for the survival of artistic and historical heritage of an inestimable value, even more so because it cannot be reproduced”.

Meverin is protection from fire for human, historical, artistic, economic, public and private, civil and industrial heritage

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