How to choose a fire door

A new standard has been enforced on 2 November 2019 aiming to improve fire doors level of safety. Compliance with this new standard requires significant investments and not all the manufactures have proved ready and willing to make the necessary investments. The ENTIRE door production chain, including installers and end users, will be held responsible for non-fully conforming products. Making sure that the supplier is fully complying with the new standard is therefore essential.

Make sure the product is complying with UNI EN 16034 and UNI EN 13241 European standards. Make sure it is CE MARKED.
Note that the standard UNI 9723 is no longer applicable.

The end user/reseller has then a double option:

  • Either choose a sub-brand door, often obsolete, to save money
  • Or choose a cutting-edge, premium door by MEVERIN, which have redesigned the entire range of their products to fully comply with the standard

Choose entirely customized doors whenever possible, in any size.
The requirements of every single situation, reality, company are incompatible with standardization. Customization must not affect delivery times, product tests or costs.

Choose solutions that optimize assembly and maintenance.
Assembly and maintenance issues, which can also stem from the deterioration of a poor-quality product, generate costs that may definitely nullify the economic advantage derived from the purchase of a poor-quality product.

It’s the details that make the difference.
Even the more so with large size doors.

  • The door thickness and the measures taken to maintain stability, while controlling the weight.
  • The original solutions aimed at preserving the good operation and durability over time of large doors.
  • Resistance tests to extremely high temperatures, according to the temperature-time curves provided for by the standard. To test the most varied solutions, in addition to the “basic” tests executed in standardized ovens, Meverin has invested to perform additional tests both in Italy and in Europe using large ovens.
  • Accident prevention devices have been designed to go far beyond fire resistance requirements. Door safety devices go well beyond the management of the single incident, they are designed to preserve the door, keep it efficient and make it safe over time.
  • Overall quality that is therefore spendable in brand communication.
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