Meverin doors are exclusively made to measure (zero % standard) with lead times for deliveries that are comparable to those of mass-produced doors


The whole range of doors complies with the European Regulation 305/2011 and the UNI EN 16034 and UNI EN 13241 standards and it includes the declaration of performance (DoP) as well as the CE marking.

According to EU regulation 305/2011 distributors must ensure that products bearing CE marking are fully compliant. They are therefore obliged to report any non-compliance. The aforementioned regulation holds also the distributors fully responsible in the event of non-compliant products.

Sliding fire doors CE2019 marked

Fire doors: What’s new


New revolutionary and innovative rack sliding guide that ensures very high fire-proof performance.

New hanging system that guarantees maximum fire resistance.

New insulating pack without any cut by hand that guarantees maximum compliance.

The thickness has been increased from 80 mm to 120 mm for the EI2 120 class, i.e. increased by 50% to ensure maximum fire resistance even for very large doors. Limited weight of the panels to facilitate assembly and to reduce maintenance interventions.

New overlaps and sizes fully complying with the new European standards.

New counterbalance weight positioning systems in case of limited spaces.

New ultimate safety accident prevention devices: VTK KALIPE’ hydraulic speed control device and SAM-K end stop damper.

Increased number of trolleys (2 trolleys per panel) which minimizes the deformation of the upper part of the leaf in the event of a fire.


New core insulation that guarantees maximum compliance.

Double cable per side for safety purposes.

The thickness has been increased from 80mm to 100mm.


New core insulation that guarantees maximum compliance.

The thickness has been increased from 70mm to 100mm.



Where there is a harmonized standard for the marketed product, the manufacturer must issue the DoP declaration of performance and apply the CE MARKING.

In order to supply large size doors, manufacturers must also test them in large ovens (that are currently still not available in Italy).

The tests must therefore be performed abroad and entail very high costs for the manufacturers.

Manufacturers must set up specific quality controls for the management and production of CE MARKED doors.

A notified body carries out quality and production controls at the manufacturers’ premises and carries out an annual audit in their factories.

CE MARKED fire doors can be sold in any country of the EU. However, we recommend that you check the national building codes and regulations.

Field of application of the new product range with CE Marking

SD - Sliding DoorVSD - Vertical Sliding DoorBRD - Large Swing Door
Single Leaf Sliding door EI2 120 (with or without wicket door)Double leaf Sliding door EI2 120 (with or without wicket door)Single and Double leaf Sliding door EI2 60, NEW EI2 90 (with or without wicket door)Vertical sliding door EI2 120Magnum BRD Large Swing door, Single leaf EI2 120, NEW EI2 90, EI2 60NEW
Magnum BRD Large Swing door, Double leaf EI2 120, NEW EI2 90, EI2 60
MAXIMUM SIZE OF WALL OPENING10000 / 82255600 / 502710000 / 82254350 / 42003337 / 33475940 / 4237
MAXIMUM AREA50 mq *50 mq *50 mq *13,27 mq9,17 mq22,02 mq


Note: Sizes are expressed in millimeters (mm) unless otherwise specified. The dimensions shown and the product may be subject to variations.
* maximum area provided for by the standard for a CE marked product.

porta scorrevole meverin 04portoni scorrevoli con porta pedonale meverinportone scorrevole ce2019 meverin parcheggioportone girevole magnum tagliafuocovtk dispositivo idraulico controllo della velocita brevettato meverin

Meverin designs and manufactures a wide customized range of cutting-edge CE marked fire doors.

We are used to taking up many challenges, first of all that of large dimensions and complete customization of products (we target tailored production, 0% standard).

Our mission, for thirty years now, has been to protect all that is value and beauty from the aggression of fire.

The life, health, work and tranquillity of people. Buildings and valuable objects. The most delicate points of passage.

Meverin Fire Fixing® fire doors are installed in warehouses and laboratories, theatres, cinemas and museums, hospitals, shopping centres, trade fairs. And then ships, tunnels, parking lots…

The Meverin fireproof compartmentation systems are committed to guaranteeing all-round safety and are therefore currently installed to fight fire in several greatly admired industrial companies.

A fire door is a complex mechanism that MUST ensure safety, sturdiness and durability FOR MANY YEARS and then show its full effectiveness in case of emergency.

ico innovazione nero

The choice of an authentic and premium quality product is of vital importance at all times. As a matter of fact, a premium quality fire door is the result of relentless research and development and has been thoroughly vetted in order to pass very demanding tests – both at the manufacturer’s factory and at the premises of prestigious international notified bodies, unlike the basic fire doors that can be easily found on the market and that have only been submitted to the most basic mandatory tests.

ico certificato nero

For this reason, Meverin fire doors not only show exceptional performance in fire resistance tests, but they are easily assembled and – thanks to always new patented devices – they can excellently withstand the potential wear that weight exerts on their structures.

ico check nero

And there’s more: the passionate care that Meverin puts into the design process allows it to equip all its fire closures with ultimate safety accident prevention devices that prove effective in maximizing safety even in the absence of fire, even in everyday life.

ico qualita 2 nero

The quality of the designing process and the efficient organization of production flows has allowed Meverin not only to adapt thoroughly and with great timeliness to the regulation that came into force in November 2019, but also to go further by taking a decisive technological leap forward, thanks to constantly developing engineering and a unique proprietary software, capable of translating a completely bespoke project into an efficient and flawless production flow, studded with laborious internal and external audits, performed on every single part.


0% Standard
0% Standard

the entire production is tailor-made even for large and very large dimension fire doors

Lead time
Lead time

comparable to that of mass-produced fire doors

100% Satisfied
100% Satisfied

Meverin fire doors are the doors of choice for both installers and users, this is the best reward

Small price differences
Small price differences

justified by the full economic sustainability of the investment: the intensity and burden of our commitment to research, development, designing and testing are perfectly offset by a continuous and increasing efficiency gain along our supply chain

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