MAGNUM swing doors EI2 60, EI2 90 and EI2 120 with one or two leaves



Combination of a pair of sheet metal profiles made to measure designed to support significant radial loads and designed for fixing by means of dowels (not included) to the load-bearing structure in masonry or insulated and protected metal structure.


Single bloc leaf made of press-folded panels in zinc-plated steel sheet with programmed deformability coupled mechanically, where the size requires it. No Sill. New MEV FIRUX® internal insulation pack (patented) resistant to high temperatures.

FIRUX® type intumescent fire seal

Placed on the vertical sides of the frame, on the lower and upper crosspieces of the leaves and in correspondence with the meeting stile.

Cold Smoke Gaskets Sa (optional)

NEW: Cold Smoke Gaskets Sa placed on the profile of the frame (provided on the rebate in the case of two leaves; applied on the perimeter of the frame in the case of a pedestrian door).

NEW: There is the possibility of installing the Sa KIT, as an integration, even at a later time.


Accident-prevention handle made in stainless steel with double lever with return spring. Handle height = 1050 mm.

Self-latching lock

Primary (mobile) leaf with lock complete with passing cylinder.

Secondary (fixed) leaf with “self-latching” lock for leaf overhead self-latching.

Operation (self-closing)

Closing by means of a large hydraulic door closer; adjustment of the opening effort, the closing speed and the latching speed. For larger dimensions, additional RETURN SPRING hinge with adequate force to strengthen door closer. Automatic closing, by means of the aforementioned devices, is guaranteed for a maximum opening of 179°.

Pedestrian door (optional)

NEW: Possibility of inserting a pedestrian door

Door dimensionsPedestrian passage dimensions
LN (1 leaf)LN (2 leaves)HNLNpHNp
Pedestrian door without threshold1490
The measurements are expressed in mm.

For lower LTs ask for feasibility.
If the HT height is lower than the measurements listed above, the height of the pedestrian door is reduced (HNp)

Hinges (patented)

2 for each leaf (depending on the size of the door also 3 / leaf), hardened to support heavy radial loads.

Compulsory accessories for each leaf
  • 1 door closer and 1 RETURN SPRING hinge for large dimensions.
  • 1 door closer regulator for the correct closing sequence of the leaves for double leaf doors.
  • Surface mounted on solid and load-bearing masonry or reinforced concrete wall.
  • Lintel mounted or mounted on an insulated structure finished with plasterboard.

The doors are made of zinc-plated sheet metal and finished with an ecological primer paint, of industrial type, with high quality epoxy resins, which guarantee protection against corrosion from a vast range of aggressive agents, acid and non-acid, in environments not directly exposed to the outdoor natural atmosphere. Standard color RAL 7035. The full range of RAL and NCS is available on order.

NEW: execution in AISI 304 o 316 stainless steel (excluding accessories inside the casings: hinges, coil spring, etc).

Identification plate

Applied on the shell handle with the appropriate CE mark and with personalized polychrome CARD with identification data.

Documentation provided (CE marking)

Composed by:

  • DoP declaration of performance
  • declaration of conformity with machinery directive
  • installation, use and maintenance manual
  • installation instructions
EI2 60, EI2 90 and EI2 120 LEAF weight and thickness
  • Average nominal weight 51 kg/m2 wall opening
  • Nominal thickness 100 mm
  • Average nominal weight 56 kg/m2 wall opening
  • Nominal thickness 120 mm
EI2 60, EI2 90 and EI2 120 field of application with CE marking

Magnum BRD Large Swing door, Single leaf
EI2 60 - EI2 90 - EI2 120
Magnum BRD Large Swing door, Double leaf
EI2 60 - EI2 90 - EI2 120
Maximum dimensions3337 mm3347 mm5940 mm4237 mm
Maximum surface9,17 mq22,02 mq
Decreasing dimensions1458 mm2117 mm1458 mm2117 mm


portone girevole magnum meverin ospedale

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